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Building a human - centric future of work.

Our mission: elevate the workspace experience and empower people to do their best work.

★ AppStore 4,6/5
★ 90% adoption rate

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Profile picture of Eliane Lugassy, the CEO of Witco
“Working models, as we know them, have become obsolete. As the business leaders around the world begin to rethink how to transform employee experience and upgrade the potential of their workspaces, Witco wanted to lead the charge in this next chapter.”

Eliane Lugassy

Co-founder and CEO – Witco

Our story

In today’s world, it is indispensable for companies to provide an environment where everyone can flourish.

Founded in 2016, the main aim of Witco is to make the workplace inspiring and productive by addressing all work-related needs.

We do that by providing a digital platform that serves as a single point of access for all the tools and services that power a great work experience.

From seamlessly organizing hybrid work to booking a desk or a meeting room, visitor management, digital access control, incident reporting, office newsfeed and community building…

Our secure, enterprise-grade software is easy to manage, use, and customize. We are committed to upgrading the potential of your workspace, increasing your employees’ productivity and redesigning the office experience.

Witco, make work flow!

Our purpose

We believe that the world of work is going through fundamental changes.

People’s expectations about the workplace have changed, it is more about experience, flexibility, and well-being. Any hurdle in our workday can impact our ability to be productive.

We wanted to make work a more enjoyable experience without losing sight of what truly matters: people.

Witco was built to elevate the office experience and empower people to do their best work.

Our platform connects the dots between people, purpose, place and process so that teams can come together and make great work happen.

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Our team

We are a team of 75 employees with a female founder, 41% women and more than 15 nationalities. We value diversity at Witco as we believe it enriches the way we think and broadens our prospects.

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Witco make work flow

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