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Witco for Commercial Real Estate

Witco for Commercial Real Estate

Maximize the potential of your real estate investments

Witco is the central hub for accessing the technologies and services in your buildings, enabling you to digitalize your offering, optimize your spaces, and enhance the satisfaction of your occupants.

They enhance and optimize their property portfolio with Witco

Fewer vacancies

Increased satisfaction for tenants and occupants

Centralized management of your entire portfolio

Future-proof and optimize your spaces

Design a collaborative and enjoyable workspace that promotes connection among team members. Maximize the use of office space and resources while reducing expenses.

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Centralize all your property service requests

Easily access and manage all incident reports from occupants in one central location. Prioritize and effectively coordinate with third parties, such as facility managers or specialized technical services, to resolve issues efficiently.

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Build communities in your workspaces

Provide opportunities for your occupants to connect, whether in person or remotely, using our various available social modules (marketplace, events, news feed).

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Increase the attractiveness of your portfolio with lifestyle services

Digitize and centralize all services and technologies (eg. managing external visitors, parking, access control, wellness or lunch services) and provide a unified experience for your occupants.

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Enhance the perceived value of your spaces

Witco offers a wide range of services that help you provide your tenants with seamless and highly engaging work experiences, whether they are on-site or at home.

From concierge services to fitness, canteen, and green mobility, not to mention the digital badge and management of external visitors, unite your services and offer them transparently to your tenants.

Optimise your space usage and profitability

With our integrated dashboards, you can not only track the occupancy of your spaces in real-time, but also observe recurrent trends (such as peak occupancy during the week).

These precise data will allow you to optimize the use of your space, improve ESG performance, and better anticipate future space needs.

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Preparing office days in advance

Integrated management of your common and private spaces

You can categorize your workspaces and resources into :

- Private spaces only accessible by the tenants of these spaces. These tenants can decide to use Witco to make their workspaces bookable by their employees and to provide premium services (catering, concierge, gym, mobility, etc.)
- Common spaces accessible by all the occupants. Witco helps you to set up reservation slots and to manage quotas in these common areas.

Empower your workplace IT ecosystem

We integrate with 100+ partners to help you go further with managing your workplace