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Foster social communities in the workplace

Create a positive work environment and keep your employees connected, engaged and motivated.

Our social toolbox includes events, internal communication, chats, organisation chart, useful documents & contacts - all in one place.

Organizing soccer match with Witco

They build communities with Witco.

Nurture meaningful social connections with colleagues, whether they are in the office or working remotely

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People celebratingSoccer match event organisation through Witco
Soccer match event organisation through WitcoSoccer match event organisation through Witco

Witco, the toolbox for strengthening your company culture

Empower your employees to actively engage with and shape your corporate culture with our mobile app. Witco helps streamline internal communication with events, access to company news and benefits, dedicated forums and even classified ads. Encourage your employees to actively participate in and contribute to the culture of your organization.

Celebrate achievements

Recognize and value the contribution of individual employees by taking the time to celebrate their achievements and life events with your community

Build teamwork and collaboration

Bring people together and help build stronger relationships by promoting your team buildings and well-being events through the Witco app.

Bring more visibility to your internal communication

Improve transparency and trust thanks to a centralized access to your company news, events and important communications.

People discussingInternal communication through Witco
Internal communication through WitcoInternal communication through Witco

Engage your occupants

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Someone getting insightsSomeone getting insights
Events insights through WitcoEvents insights through Witco

Measure and improve social connectivity

Are people enjoying the social opportunities you offer? Rely on real-time insights on satisfaction with your social activities to optimize social connections and make better business decisions.

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Empower your workplace IT ecosystem

We integrate with 100+ partners to help you go further with managing your workplace

Community building

Witco, the all-in-one app to manage your building.

Room booking

Indoor maps

Ticketing system

Community building

Shared spaces booking

Lifestyle services