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The all-in-one app to onboard your tenants swiftly

Witco helps coliving and residence managers minimize vacancy and optimize tenant retention.

Contracts management, digitized rental application, invoicing, rental payment, and credit packs - all in one place.

Tenants management
Shared spaces booking

They offer a unique experience to their tenants with Witco.

Everything you need to effectively manage and optimize   your portfolio

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Easily onboard your tenants into their new living spaces

Create a positive first impression for new tenants and make them feel welcome and supported in their new living environment.

Swift rental applications

With Witco, showcase your available living spaces through a dedicated landing page and allow potential tenants to submit their rental applications.

Integrated contract management

Manage leases and invoices in one place. After negotiating lease details with tenants, you can use the platform to share the contract for electronic signature.

Automated rent collection

Efficient rent collection is crucial for the success and financial stability of your property. Witco provides the tools you need to accurately invoice and collect rent from all of your tenants.


Rent out your services and resources in a click

Use the Witco app to showcase your living spaces and value-added services, such as laundry and concierge, to potential tenants. Your tenants can also book these services through credit packs that they can easily refill using their bank cards, making it convenient for both you and your tenants.

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No more guessing thanks to real-time data

Would you like to know if your tenants are current on their rent payments and which services are most popular among them? Witco provides real-time insights about your living spaces that can help you make informed business decisions

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Empower your workplace IT ecosystem

We integrate with 100+ partners to help you go further with managing your workplace

Tenants onboarding

Witco, the all-in-one app to manage your living spaces.

Shared spaces booking

Community building

Ticketing system

Lifestyle services

Guest management

Hybrid work management