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Witco for Coliving & Residences

Witco for Coliving & Residences

Boost profitability with community-focused living spaces

Take your accommodations to the next level with a solution that helps you build stronger communities, communicate more effectively with your occupants, and increase profitability.

They offer a unique experience to their tenants with Witco.

Fewer vacancies.

Improved occupant satisfaction.

Better property management performance.

Increase the attractiveness of your portfolio with lifestyle services

Digitize and centralize all services and technologies (eg. managing external visitors, parking, access control, wellness or lunch services) and provide a unified experience for your occupants.

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Onboard your tenants swiftly

From rental applications to contract management to rent collection, everything has been done to help you easily onboard your tenants into your living spaces.

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Centralize all your property service requests

Easily access and manage all incident reports from occupants in one central location. Prioritize and effectively coordinate with third parties, such as facility managers or specialized technical services, to resolve issues efficiently.

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Create communities in your living spaces

Provide social opportunities for your occupants with a toolbox to seamlessly organize events and communicate with occupants.

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Get additional revenue streams

Do you have shared spaces that are not commonly used by your occupants? Why not turn some of them into collaborative spaces such as coworking that people can book? Witco helps you to enable seamless reservations on shared spaces.

Optimise your space usage and profitability

Get real-time data on your space occupancy and occupant satisfaction. This data allows you to optimize your space usage and ESG performance (in real-time or based on patterns, measure property management performance, and anticipate future needs.

Streamline your communications with occupants

Engage your living spaces' occupants around social activities that bring people together. Witco provides a toolbox to foster meaningful communities within your living spaces. In the case of any issue in a flat or shared space, Witco offers a way for occupants to quickly report for follow-up.

Stay secure and compliant within your instrastructure

Maintain a high level of security within your infrastructure with the Witco platform. It supports SAML 2.0 and is fully GDPR compliant.

Empower your workplace IT ecosystem

We integrate with 100+ partners to help you go further with managing your workplace