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Make hybrid work, work

Bring people, processes, and physical spaces together to facilitate successful teamwork.

Hybrid work scheduling, remote work policies, data & analytics, attendance registers & sync to HRIS - all in one place.

Witco - Attendance

More than 5,000 companies work smarter with Witco.

Enable hybrid work in your workplace

So that teams come together and collaborate.

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Hybrid work collaboration enablement through Witco
Hybrid work collaboration enablement through WitcoHybrid work collaboration enablement through Witco

Make your employees feel expected

On their days on-site, employees want to be productive and enjoy their time with their colleagues. Witco is the tool to help them prepare their workday in advance, so they can focus on what matters the most.

Better planning for better productivity

Let employees declare their attendance and book the resources they need (workstation, meeting room) in advance, so they can make the most of their day in the office.

Encourage in-person collaboration with hybrid work HR policies

Set limits on the number of employees who can be in the office at any given time, as well as establish expectations for the number of days an employee is expected to be present in the workplace.

Reservation through Witco
Reservation through WitcoReservation through Witco

Make your workplace ready for hybrid work

Provide flexible resources (such as desks, meeting rooms, and equipment), as well as services (concierge, gym, and lunch) to enable your workplace to support hybrid work in your organization. This will not only support the needs of your employees, but also ensure that your resources are being utilized to their full potential.

Facilitate effortless resource booking

Whether it's desks, rooms, equipment or parking spots, your employees can book everything they need at the workplace based on the amenities available.

Improve the quality of life at the workplace

Provide employees with the ability to book various well-being services, such as concierge services, catering, fitness options, and green transportation options, directly from their smartphones.

Data insights for attendanceData insights for attendance

The insights you need to leverage hybrid work

Witco provides the data you need to understand office attendance, occupancy rate, and resource usage on any given day, enabling you to maintain a healthy hybrid workplace. With accurate information on workspace utilization and working conditions, you can make informed decisions to optimize the use of your resources.

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Empower your workplace IT ecosystem

We integrate with 100+ partners to help you go further with managing your workplace

Hybrid work management

Witco, the all-in-one app for workplace management.

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Room booking

Hybrid work management

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Community building

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