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Make your spaces, the preferred places to work

With Witco, create connected, collaborative, and flexible working experiences for your teams while optimizing space and lowering costs.
Whether you need creative solutions for flexible working arrangements or new ways to streamline your operations, we help you make the most out of your spaces.

Witco to reserve meeting rooms

More than 5,000 companies and commercial real estate optimize their spaces with Witco.

Future-proof and optimize your spaces. Elevate employee experience.

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People working in an officeWitco reservation of a desk on a map
Witco reservation of a desk on a mapWitco reservation of a desk on a map

Optimise your space usage and profitability

As more and more organizations adopt hybrid working models, it's important to stay agile and work efficiently to keep up with the constantly changing landscape. That's where Witco comes in. By helping you understand how employees use your working spaces, including peak occupancy times during the week, you can optimize your space usage, improve your ESG performance, and accurately predict future space needs.

Know what’s happening across your entire portfolio

Do you find that your office is mostly empty on Tuesdays? Instead of letting that space go to waste, consider sub-leasing part of it. With Witco's custom analytics, you can make informed decisions about how to manage your workspaces and create a better experience for your colleagues.

Facilitate service requests in the workplace

Need to report a broken light bulb, an empty beverage dispenser, or a room that needs cleaning? We make it easy for occupants to submit requests through a single point of access, so you can keep your workspace functioning smoothly.

people working togetherWitco for building communities at work
Witco for building communities at workWitco for building communities at work

Make the office a place where employees want to spend their workdays

While remote work has its benefits, too much of it can have a negative impact on company culture, team cohesion, and productivity. Witco provides your teams with the tools and resources to get excited about getting back to the office.

Help your team get organized and productive

Employees can easily prepare for their day in the office by reserving a desk, meeting room, or parking spot based on available amenities. The interactive office map also helps them quickly locate people and spaces, fostering enhanced collaboration.

Bring your corporate culture into life

Witco is your workplace culture portal, connecting teams within your organization - whether they're working remotely or in the office. Through events, groups, and communities, build authentic relationships and foster a sense of connection.

Someone doing fitness at work.Someone doing fitness at work.
Witco for wellbeing in workspacesWitco for wellbeing in workspaces

Bring more visibility to your premium services

Digitalize all your lifestyle services through the Witco app and create a superior and enjoyable work experience for your employees. From concierge services to catering to fitness options to green transportation options, promote all the corporate services available in your building and make them easily accessible with just one click.

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Empower your workplace IT ecosystem

We integrate with 100+ partners to help you go further with managing your workplace

Space management

Witco, the all-in-one app for workplace management.

Desk booking

Room booking

Hybrid work management

Ticketing system

Indoor maps

Guest management