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Make data-driven decisions about your workplace

Space occupancy, hybrid work practices, satisfaction rate, or incident resolution, Witco provides you with all the insights you need to boost the attractiveness of your workplace.

They understand how people use their workplace with Witco.

Understand how your teams use the workplace to adapt it to new ways of working

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Master the reorganisation of your workspaces

Anticipate and choose measures to optimize the management of your spaces (e.g.: real estate investments, installation of presence sensors, ESG credentials improvement,...).

Accurately size your workplace

From desks and meeting rooms to parking spots and equipment, track the occupancy of your resources in real time. It allows you to accurately size your workplace and its resources to the needs of your employees.

Reduce your workplace costs

There may be days when your workplace resources is only 50% utilized. Take advantage of Witco's space utilization analytics to make informed decisions about your workplace, such as subletting a portion of it or renegotiating leases.

Improve your workplace service offering

Looking to understand how your services are performing and perceived in the workplace? Witco's insights can help you gauge how people feel with your services and your property management performance, in order to improve your service offering.

Tailor your premium services to your employees' needs

Do you offer premium services such as catering, gym, or concierge services in the office? Witco helps you measure your employees' satisfaction with these premium services and their providers through instant surveys and ratings.

Enhance the efficiency of your facility management operations

From Witco’s service requests and incidents resolution data, you can identify the most common types of service requests (ex: cleaning, maintenance, IT support) raised into the workplace. This information can be used to improve your facility management operations through preventive maintenance schedules or security protocols enhancements.

Maximize productivity and collaboration in hybrid work

With office attendance data from Witco:

  • Gain valuable insights to enhance your hybrid work practices and policies (e.g. optimal desk ratio, occupancy rate)
  • Foster your company culture and maintain a suitable team collaboration while accommodating flexible working arrangements.
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Empower your workplace IT ecosystem

We integrate with 100+ partners to help you go further with managing your workplace

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