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Transform your workplace experience

From meeting room and desk booking to occupant services, hybrid work management, data & analytics and workplace ticketing, Witco is the all-in-one app for life at work.

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Offices, corporate real estate, coliving, coworking spaces. They all use Witco

Optimize your space usage and profitability

Gone are the days when employees go to the office every day and get assigned to a fixed desk. With the adoption of hybrid work models, organizations have an opportunity to distribute their working spaces better and make them more enjoyable for their collaborators.

Workstation availability on the Witco app for employees and employers

Help your team get organized and productive

Employees can prepare for their day in the office straight from the Witco app by reserving a desk, a meeting room or a parking spot according to available amenities. For enhanced collaboration, an interactive office map helps them quickly find people and spaces.

Overview and analytics of the workspace on the Witco app for hybrid work life

Know what’s happening across your entire portfolio

Is the office almost empty on Tuesdays? Why not sub-renting parts of it? Rely on real-time insights on your office usage, occupancy and employee satisfaction to make better business decisions with regard to your office space.

A view of the request center in the Witco Dashboard

Centralize all facilities requests

A broken light bulb, empty beverage dispenser, room needs cleaning? With Witco, occupants can submit any requests through a single point of access in a few clicks.

Build a true workplace community

Remote work has many advantages, but too much of it can impact company culture, team cohesion and overall productivity.
Make your team excited about getting back to the office and socializing with their beloved colleagues.

Employees can make reservation of rooms or buildings in the Witco app

Let everyone know who’s in the office

Do you want to promote face-to face meetings over virtual ones? Let your collaborators can stay up-to-date on when their colleagues work from home on in the office - and plan their own schedule accordingly.

Employees taking a 45 mins break of Yoga on the Witco app

There is much more than work at work

From team-building to well-being events or company news, provide a holistic experience by promoting all your activities and employee benefits through your internal social network.

Witco Marketplace for employees dashboard

Improve your employees’ quality of life at work

Integrated with more than 100 third-party services, Witco allows you to provide superior and pleasant working experiences, thereby increasing the perceived value of your spaces.

From concierge to corporate catering to fitness & green mobility, allow your employees to book  wellbeing service whenever they want.

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Witco. Make work flow.

Transform your workplace experience today