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Zbre offers a software solution that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide innovative and efficient services to the occupants of the premises.

Use cases:

Space performance:

  • Find an available resource (office, a meeting room or a phone box) and book it.
  • Free up unused resources.
  • Understand workplace resource usage and anticipate needs.

Employee well-being:

  • Monitor the main workplace environmental parameters: temperature, humidity, noise, CO2, noise, CO2.
  • Set alerts when measurements deviate from their optimal range to maintain a healthy environment.
  • Ensure sanitary traceability.


  • Maintain all connected objects in operational condition and supervise the security of data and flows.
  • Benefit from customisable rules, alerts and analysis of data from different objects and software on the same platform.
  • Despite the rapid pace of innovation, you no longer have to worry about hardware compatibility, software integration and connectivity.



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