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& Witco.

Type of property:

The Régie Immobilière de la Ville de Paris (RIVP) is one of the major players in real estate in Ile-de-France. Initially created to build and rehabilitate social housing, it also offers support to innovative companies and start-ups through various real estate programs: company hotels, incubators, industrial hotels, business premises and offices, shops, etc.

The RIVP understood that workers have new needs. One of these needs is that of sharing an innovative, collaborative and service-based space. The RIVP chose the Witco platform to offer a premium experience to the tenants of its shared workspaces while optimising the management of these places.

A dual interface for managers and occupants

To make life easier for managers of shared spaces and their clients, Witco offers an all-in-one application with an interface dedicated to each use. Thus, occupants will have easy access to services and to their community, while managers can use a static dashboard and manage their space, from onboarding to invoicing.

On the manager side, the interface is accessible with a single password, which gives management:

  • Centralisation: information to occupants, documents and useful contacts, invoicing, follow-up of incidents, signature of contracts, payment of in-app rents, etc.
  • Measurement: service usage data, statistics, satisfaction surveys
  • Security: centralised access to information and access to workspaces

On the occupant side, the RIVP app by Witco offers an experience which is:

Collaborative: news and events of the place, directory, messaging, surveys, forum, etc.

Productive: booking of meeting rooms, monitoring and reporting of incidents, contactless access, etc.

Service-based: classified ads, portfolio and management of personal expenses, Marketplace of services etc.



chose Witco

Centralisation of services

Centralisation of services

Optimisation of site management

Optimisation of site management

Expert support

Expert support

Co-working is a trendy and growing phenomenon around the world: according to Workthere. In May 2020, 74% of co-working space providers were “optimistic” to “very optimistic” about working in such an area.  The RIVP was therefore looking for a digital solution in line with the objectives of its managers and with the expectations of co-workers.

In addition to a leading tenant experience application, Witco offers unprecedented expertise in occupant experience. From the time that needs are expressed until the monitoring of the employment of workers, Witco supports the RIVP in all phases of its project. This personalised support is an essential element for the proper development of the RIVP’s strategy, which will enable it to ensure the long term satisfaction of its occupants.


Today, Witco equips the 7 shared workspaces of the RIVP in Ile-de-France. Every day, nearly 2,000 co-workers benefit from a premium digital experience, reflecting the service offer designed by this key real estate player.

“As we were concerned about the satisfaction of our customers and their 1,840 occupants, we opted for the digital solution offered by Witco: site management, administration, events, and so on. It is the first application that has been able to respond to all of our needs. We have just signed up for the very beginning of our collaboration, and thanks to our personalised exchanges and the professionalism of Witco, we are enthusiastic about the idea of taking the features of the platform even further”.

« In the interest of satisfying our customers, we opted for Witco's digital solution: it is the first application that responds to all of our needs. We are enthusiastic about extending our use of the platform! »

Charlotte Plet
Event & Corporate Real estate manager, RIVP
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