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Parfums Christian Dior

& Witco.

Parfums Christian Dior
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KOSMO (Neuilly-sur-Seine), located on the banks of the Seine, is the new head office of Parfums Christian Dior. The recent restructuring of the building has gone well beyond a simple “facelift” and has transformed this office building into an exceptional site, airy and open, integrated into the city and yet supporting new garden spaces.

The teams in charge of the project wanted to adopt a service-based approach for this new head office. The objective was to offer an exceptional experience to the 1,100 employees of Parfums Christian Dior. To do this, they have created new types of spaces, set up new services and partnerships.

Witco is the solution that was chosen to improve the employee experience by grouping together the communications and offers suggested in the KOSMO building.

A unique “all-in-one” application: “My KOSMO”

The experience offered to the teams within the KOSMO building is unique. The Witco platform reflects this; from the branding of the app to the services offered, the Parfums Christian Dior teams have been able to set up a solution that reflects their image.

To do this, they were able to rely on native Witco features such as the news feed, the employees’ directory or the marketplace, but also on the dozens of partners already offered within the application. Company restaurant, gym, concierge, etc. Many players are already interfaced natively and the Witco technical teams also carry out new integrations on request. This was the case here with Lecointre Paris for the catering on the site.

An evolving app: the return to the office (COVID-19) 
The “My KOSMO” application also made it possible to provide the best possible support for employees’ return to the site. News in real time (“NEWS” module), sharing of new health rules (“USEFUL DOCUMENTS” module) but also deployment, in a few hours, of a new “click & collect” feature for catering; the platform knows how adapt to the needs and constraints of head offices.

Support at all stages of the project

In addition to an evolving platform, Witco is a team focused on the occupant experience throughout the project. It is this expertise that made it possible to set up the “My KOSMO” application in just a few weeks. From the time when the need was first made known, and the support given in the choice of modules, and training of platform administrators, etc. The first weeks are key in the adoption of a new tool and the reactivity and the advice of the experts guarantee the success of such a project.

Since the launch of the application, the Customer Success team of Witco has continued to support the managers of the platform through the analysis of statistics on the use of their services, and numerous pieces of advice on community facilitation.


Parfums Christian Dior

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The “My KOSMO” application is now an integral part of the daily life of Parfums Christian Dior employees. Whether it is to book a meeting room, to report an incident or to order a lunch by “click & collect”, the platform published by Witco is constantly evolving to offer the best employee experience, worthy of this exceptional building.

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