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Bring flexibility to your workplace

Give your employees access to the right resources when they return to the office.

Make sure everyone can book the desks, meeting rooms or equipment they need to work effectively.

Attendance declaration in Witco

They optimize their workplace with Witco.

Connect the dots between your place, people, and process

So that teams can come together and make great work happen.

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Flexible ways of workingWitco for hot desking
Witco for hot deskingWitco for hot desking

Make your spaces ready for hybrid work

Hybrid work models have changed the way organizations use their workspace. Employees are no longer required to come to the office every day, which gives companies an opportunity to better distribute their workspace. With Witco, you can customize your spaces to meet your specific needs, including dedicated workstations for remote employees, the appropriate number of meeting rooms for in-person meetings, and collaborative spaces for teamwork.

Enable resources booking

Whether it's desks, rooms, equipment or parking spots, your employees can book everything they need at the workplace based on the amenities available.

Locate your coworkers on the office map

To enhance collaboration, an interactive office map displaying available resources alongside the locations of coworkers can be a valuable tool. This allows employees to easily see who and what is available in the office at any given time, facilitating more efficient collaboration.

People discussingfitness into witco
fitness into witcofitness into witco

Encourage employees to return to the office

While remote work has numerous benefits, it can also negatively impact company culture, team cohesion, and productivity. Encourage your team to get excited about returning to the office and interacting with their colleagues in person. This can help to foster a positive company culture, improve teamwork and collaboration, and increase productivity.

Because there is much more than work at work

Bring people together and help build stronger relationships by promoting your team buildings and well-being events through the Witco app.

Improve the quality of life at the workplace

Provide employees with the ability to book various well-being services, such as concierge services, catering, fitness options, and green transportation options, directly from their smartphones.

Engage people when they are in the office

Leverage office presence by offering some exciting activities or setting up all-hands meetings via your workplace culture portal.

People analysingPeople analysing
Space occupancy insights in WitcoSpace occupancy insights in Witco

Track hot desk utilization

The unpredictable nature of hot desks makes it challenging to accurately predict their usage, which can result in either over-allocating space for them or missing out on potential revenue. Witco provides real-time insights into desk usage to help increase utilization and make better business decisions.

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