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Accelerators: where to start for the management of your space?

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Accelerators: where to start for the management of your space?

Accelerators: these organizations known to support start-ups in their growth have been talked about in recent years, by pushing value propositions and helping to prepare the financial expansion of start-ups, in particular with substantial fundraising. Thanks to their technological, innovative and service offering (coaching, mentoring, networking, access to financing, etc.), accelerators represent a space for strategic development for companies.

Accelerator managers have enormous growth potential and find value in optimizing their spaces. Digital has a great place in the development of such a strategy! Here are some tips for successful accelerator management.

1. Accelerators: offering the basics around a provided ecosystem

Integrating an accelerator allows companies to ensure the proper development of their activity around solid legal bases, but above all thanks to healthy and lasting relationships created with other startups and companies.

It is therefore natural that accelerators extend their proposals in order to offer a real ecosystem where employees benefit from:

  • Support for the development of multiple skills (tailor-made support, acceleration programs, etc.)
  • Access to strategic resources (visibility thanks to the reputation of the accelerator, help in finding funding, contacts with investors, etc.)
  • The possibility of collaborating with start-ups and companies that share the same space (collaborative spaces, spirit of mutual aid, open discussions, mix of knowledge, etc.)

This last point is one of the most important. Indeed, this type of space represents an opportunity for startups to take advantage of the accelerator's network and the large groups that propel it. Conversely, it is also an opportunity for large groups to work with innovative and dynamic start-ups.

2. Accelerators: facilitating networking through digital support

In places that are already conducive to commercial development, accelerators must now strengthen their offer of meetings and exchanges between players of all sizes. They must make it possible to transform interactions into collaborations.

Today and although essential, the establishment of events, services or shared spaces are no longer sufficient for extensive exchanges between companies; and a digitized experience becomes a response to new modes of communication.

Woman working on laptop and phone

So, nothing better than using a platform or app to set up:

  • A forum animated by multiple interactions by the manager and/or the collaborators,
  • Private chats allowing employees from different structures to exchange easily,
  • Playful and professional surveys, allowing to collect the opinion of all employees (large groups and startups combined),
  • Calendars of events , to bring teams together and bring out new ideas.

3. Simplify your accelerator management through an all-in-one app

In addition to offering employees an extraordinary digital experience allowing collaborative excitement, an app dedicated to the occupant experience also has many advantages for space managers:

  • contract management ,
  • registration of collaborators within the accelerators,
  • incident tracking
  • access to statistics (occupancy rate per day on the space, commitment of employees, number of participants in an event, etc.)
  • direct communications with occupants and service providers (news, new regulations, management of third-party services, etc.)
  • optimization of goods and spaces (monitoring of reservations and the occupancy rate of rooms, management of equipment rental , etc.
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The management of accelerators must reflect a real technological dimension. Global management centered around a digitalized experience, as with Witco, saves time for managers, and makes it possible to place the labor offer in the digital era to boost and help ambitious employees.