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Improving the quality of life at work (QWL), thanks to digital

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Improving the quality of life at work (QWL), thanks to digital

81% of employees place well-being at work at the forefront of their expectations: in other words, a good quality of life at work (or also called "QWL") is essential for companies today.

Encompassing several dimensions such as the organization of work, the environment, management and even social relations, QWL is THE No. 1 source of attractiveness and employee loyalty within a company.

1. Why improve QWL within your company?

Is it still a surprise to say that QWL is today one of the strongest assets on which a company can play in order to attract its new talents? No… And beyond that, offering an excellent QVT allows:

  • Improved employee productivity: the positive impact on employees allows them to bring out new ideas, develop their creativity, increase their performance
  • A drop in absenteeism and turnover: professionals know that recruitment processes are excessively expensive. Fewer departures therefore means less turnover, which would therefore mean at first sight that the health of the company is green!
  • Better cohesion: this begins with a general agreement of the codes, values ​​and attitudes adopted in the workplace. Once the corporate culture has been adopted, employees and managers come together and share commonalities. Mutual aid and exchanges are therefore at their peak.

2. Digital for a better quality of life at work, really?

Hybrid real estate   is therefore an advantage for  asset  managers  in optimizing  their spaces  and the income generated by their properties . But it is also  a plus for all tenant companies:

  • For companies looking for a place over the long/medium term: they can always sign for offices over 3, 6 or 9 years while benefiting, within the same building, from the advantages of flexible spaces. Concierge services, services, meeting rooms and reception areas… They can either ask to take advantage of these new places on a daily basis or use them to temporarily increase the size of their offices.
  • For companies looking for flexibility: they have a much wider range of spaces. No need to necessarily turn to coworking  spaces : they can now also find a few offices in the heart of a building in La Défense or in a building in the heart of Lyon. As a result, the range of services is also expanding to offer the best of the occupant experience to these new tenants on a daily basis.

3. Witco functionalities respond to the steps of a better QWL

Going digital means responding to several issues! And to avoid having to download a multitude of apps with different purposes, Witco offers an all-in-one solution. No more multiple connections and lost passwords.

In addition, the Witco application offers an interface available both for HR or Work Environments managers, and for employees. This facilitates the centralization of data and allows everyone to communicate easily and efficiently. Here is a selection of features for better QWL:

  • Incidents module: it allows employees to report a problem within their workplace and have it dealt with as quickly as possible to ensure their safety and well-being.
  • Forum  : discussions, opinions, news… All the teams can discuss the themes that are close to their hearts.
  • Services  : employees have access to all the building's services, in a single app. Concierge service, sports lessons, company restaurant… Everything is accessible in 1 click!
  • Reservations & contactless access: Witco allows employees to be independent in the choice of their workspaces and to circulate easily and securely within the premises.
Witco app on mobile

Hybrid spaces are a huge success with asset managers, allowing them to rent all of their spaces according to business needs. Proposing a new, more flexible approach involves the alliance of irreproachable management and a proposal with high added value for the occupants. Thus, using an all-in-one app such as Witco allows asset managers to position their offer at the heart of real estate trends.