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Coworking: how to promote the assets of your space

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Coworking: how to promote the assets of your space

In 2021, coworking managers must redouble their efforts and inventiveness to stand out from their competitors. The key to success: offering the best possible experience to coworkers. For this, coworking spaces are undergoing a real service and digital revolution, acclaimed by their occupants.

How to enhance its offer and its assets to attract new companies and collaborators?

1. Opt for a solid digital marketing strategy

In order to publicize your coworking, it is important to establish an effective marketing strategy. For this, it is first a question of thinking about its audiences. Coworking spaces primarily target companies and employees of young and dynamic companies, ready to change their environment to live a motivating experience. But that's not all… The allocation of a budget, the resources made available, the message to be conveyed are just as many elements to take into account in order to communicate effectively.

So to give weight to his statement, the manager has everything in his interest to play on the key word "digital occupant experience"!

On which channel to reach the target? There are several… And digital content remains the most read content of all time! Private and professional social networks, emails, SMS, blog: coworking spaces are now making themselves known thanks to these communication tools. Indeed, marketing campaigns on digital media make it possible to obtain better conversion rates than traditional campaigns (paper, posters, etc.). No wonder a person spends between 4 and 6 hours a day on their phone on average and that prospects are totally willing to see a brand name scrolling by when they browse.

Digital marketing also has another advantage: it makes it possible to highlight these spaces in a variety of ways (photos, videos, customer cases, online events, etc.). Enough to attract, reassure and motivate future occupants of coworking spaces!

2. Promote your coworking through partnerships

Partnerships are also part of a marketing strategy, but go beyond the context of digital communication. Here, what works is the "give and take" with other businesses / businesses. This cooperation will be the source of many decision-making in order to launch original and attractive communication operations... We must bet on this spirit of sharing to bring in a large network of coworkers!

For example, offering to advertise a business to its coworkers in exchange for advertising it is a simple way to increase word-of-mouth. And this is important when you know that the first reason why a coworker joins a coworking space is the recommendation!

It is indeed necessary to take advantage of a network of contacts, to thus extend its possibilities of visibility with the general public:

  • Press & media
  • town halls
  • Development Agencies
  • Local stores…

3. Coworking: make yourself known through events

In order to project themselves into a new workspace, companies and employees need to immerse themselves in this environment in question. Nothing better than on-site events to discover a place and its “occupants”. A theme and relevant speakers on a cutting-edge subject (tech, real estate) or support (recruitment, financing) also underline the understanding of the subject by coworking managers.

There is no shortage of event formats: workshops, seminars, afterworks or even open houses. There are therefore many opportunities to discover and show the potential of places during moments of sharing.

During open days, the big plus is to bring the experience to life for the visitor ! Having them try out the building's all-in-one application, such as Witco for example, on a test device (tablet or phone), will allow them to understand their future life on the premises, with several important criteria:

  • autonomy
  • fluidity of movement,
  • ease of booking spaces,
  • sociability,
  • security…

Coworking spaces are on the rise. To succeed in attracting new customers, it is important for these spaces to communicate on their key assets . Future occupants will thus be reassured and will dare to take the plunge. Digital marketing, events, partnerships… All means are good for coworking managers to make themselves known.